Tips for public transportation in Paris

We know, a look at the Parisian subway or bus map when preparing your 1st trip to Paris may sound complicated.
16 metro lines, 5 RER lines (suburbs lines), 9 tramway lines, and many buses to visit Paris. Relax, Paris is not such a large city and getting from a point to another is pretty easy as long as you do have a subway line nearby. That’s why we have selected useful info to help you with your stay in Paris.

Subsway system

  • Each line has a specific color and number (1 to 14th).
  • Each lines indicates the 1st and last station of the lines,

you have to use this as direction, to go in the right way.

As an example: line 1 is, yellow, is known as Grande Arche de la Défense” and “Château de Vincennes”.

If you are at Bastille station after a nice walk in the Marais, and you want to go to the Louvre/Rivoli station, you have to pay attention to the direction, and head to the “Grande Arche de la Défense”.

In each station maps of the subways and bus, as well as map of the immediate area when you exit the station are available.

Our favorite metro stations are “Saint Germain des Prés” for the nice mosaic tiles on the ceiling with signature of famous writers E. Zola, Céline, V. Hugo,…and metro “Arts et Métiers”, for its submarine style, all in copper, like in a Jules Verne tale.

BUS system
We agree, even for Parisians the bus system is not the simplest one, but Short Rent Paris advise you to try if you have some time (traffic can be important), as it’s a great way to see the city day or night.

  • Each line has its own number and color (which are on the bus, and on the bus station).
  • Each line is defined by the 1st and last station (same as the subway).
  • At each bus stop, you’ll have a chart where you can see how many bus you have per hour, (depending on the day, and time of the day), sometimes you can even know when the next 2 buses will arrive.

Still hesitating on your way ?
Check the website (English flag top right and left) and

you may ask for the best itinerary.
You can even select bus only, subway only, less walk, less connections; quickest ride.

What ticket should you take?
It depends on how many times you’ll use the subway/bus during your Parisian stay, we have selected few info that may help you to take a decision.

The T+ ticket: especially for only one ride. Allows you to travel on the subway, RER lines, bus lines (exept the Orly bus & Roissy bus), Tramway lines, and Montmartre Funicular(to go on the top of the Montmartre hill)

Be careful: the T+ ticket is valid only for one ride (between two places) and it includes as many connections as you want during 1h30 (above the ticket is no longer valid).
Note that you can connect from a subway to other subway lines, or from a bus to as many bus lines as you want, but you CANNOT connect from a subway station to a bus line, you have to get another ticket (we know it doesn’t make sense but it’s the way it work right now in Paris).
Keep your ticket during the ride.

Prices/Fares: 1,70€ (one ticket) OR 1,20 € (if you buy 10 tickets (A “carnet”), which allows you to save 30% ideal if you are with family or friends you can share).
Note: If you buy a ticket in the bus, you have to have the exact change for the driver.
If you are in the subway station, you can pay by credit card (even for 1 ticket) or cash at the vending machine. Note that access in multiple languages is available.

Note : your ticket doesn’t seem to work when you are sure you never use it ?
Ask in the subway station, or at the bus driver it will be change for a new one.

The Paris Visit Tickets is a specific ticket for visitors; you can choose it for 1, 2 3 or 5 days and provide unlimited ride, plus some discounts on some sightseeing’s.

Note that the 1 day ticket is interesting if need more than 5 to 7 rides/day/pers (comparing to the regular 1.70€ tickets and 1.20€ Tickets you can get). In our opinion, it’s better to do the maths before committing with a Paris Visit Tickets, as most of the time you are not travelling alone, so buying a 10 tickets (1.20€) is usually more interesting than getting 2 Unlimited ticket (more than 18 Euros).

The MOBILIS Tickets.
Same as above, the Mobilis ticket is for frequent travellers (without the discounts on sights). The price is 6.10€ for the 1-2 zone for unlimited rides, so above 4 rides a day, the expenses worth it.
Note that with your 10 tickets it’s more than 5 rides/day to cover the expense.
Check if the numbers of rides are useful or not.
Note that the Paris Visit Card gives you some discount on some sights, such as the Triumph Arch, or the Branly museum among many others.

Lower fare :
Less than 26yo Students (with a student card to prove it)
Less than 4 years old rides are free.
Less than 10 yo, ride are 50% off for the T+ and the ride from a point to another (like paris Versailles).

More information and prices (if you need the prices for children or for more zones):

Iphone/Ipad application are available (check the English section (top right of the screen) as well as map, and routes (you can easily check which subway to take depending on your itinerary ).

For those who wish to enjoy Paris on bike you will be thrilled by our bike system, easy to use, and very low expense. Check Velib bike website for more information.

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